Not your grandmothers toolbox - the Robotics Toolbox reinvented for Python

May 20, 2021 (3y ago)

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Published in the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

Authors: Peter Corke Jesse Haviland


For 25 years the Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB ® has been used for teaching and research worldwide. This paper describes its successor - the Robotics Toolbox for Python. More than just a port, it takes advantage of popular open-source packages and resources to provide platform portability, fast browser-based 3D graphics, quality documentation, fast numerical and symbolic operations, powerful IDEs, shareable and web-browseable notebooks all powered by GitHub and the open-source community. The new Toolbox provides well-known functionality for spatial mathematics (homogeneous transformations, quaternions, triple angles and twists), trajectories, kinematics (zeroth to second order), dynamics and a rich assortment of robot models. In addition, we've taken the opportunity to add new capabilities such as branched mechanisms, collision checking, URDF import, and interfaces to ROS. With familiar, simple yet powerful functions; the clarity of Python syntax; but without the complexity of ROS; users from beginner to advanced will find this a powerful open-source toolset for ongoing robotics education and research.